Colour Picker 2.0 Loaded with features


Colour picker 2.0 is loaded with features- Mask preview, Pro colour mixer using keyboard shortcuts for all colour modes(RGB | CMYK | HSB)- Now use CMYK, RGB or HSB modes to increase respective colour values and the adjacent keys to decrease respective colors in different modes, Always available on he status bar(open quickly using Command+Option+p), Generates Objective C, Java and HTML script. It helps Creative developer, Website designer and Software engineers to speed up their workflow.

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Color picker for Mac


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Colour picker is designed to stay always on the status bar and available to pick 
colour immediately, it helps creative developer, a website designer and software
engineers to speed up their workflow.

Special Feature at Glance

  • Generates values in RGB, CMYK and HSB values.
  • Readily available in the status bar .
  • Pick colour/color from anywhere in the screen.
  • Generates ObjectiveC, Java and HTML script.
  • Generates colour/color code.
  • Useful for web designers. creative professional and software engineers.

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